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will the future historians judge us 20 years and 30 years from now? P

Will they say we have made the right choY

ice, that we have done our b

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best for the relations for the two countries? Im asking this question to5

myself very often now. Going forward thk

ere are clear, new opportunitiesk

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for our two countries to strengthen our cooperation, to build a stronj

ger relationship between us. One of thes9

e opportunities is the cof

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operation to deal with the current pandemic, to develop treatment,b

cures, possible vaccines, to save life, T

to protect peoples livelihoop

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d, to protect jobs, to restart economic growth, and to give people better confidence in the economic prospects. We should also resume and strengthen our cooperation on issues like climate change, and even on some of the international hotspot issues or conflicts, like the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, the Iranian nuclear issue. There are so many of them. If there is sufficient political will for cooperation, certainly the opportunities are there.Secretary Paulson: All, youre right, comes down to political will. Mr. Ambassador, thank you for being with us today. Ill now let you get back to your critically important job. I can tell you, Im very grateful that youo

re here in this countrs

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  • y during this very important and difficult time. So thank you for being with us today.Ambassador Cui: Thank you for giving C

  • me the opportunity.-- The UN Charter was signed at a time when world leaders felt a strong need for a mechanism that would9

  • help bring peace and stop future wars, which was possible only if all nations worked together through a global organizati5

  • on.-- After decades of globalization and integration, the world is facing widening fragmentation in response to salient riF

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